21 Feb

The way of searching and gathering new information by discovering new facts is known as Research. Research is an artistry of finding WHAT and HOW it can be done. It is the systematic approach for increasing the knowledge and grasp new conclusions.

Effective Research refers to conduct and amalgam systematic study of data collection and data analysis. Research can be done on any topic. Many students face difficulty in selecting topic and to write about any research, for these students there are academic help providers that provide academic writing help like academic helpers. This firm provides assistance for your university assignments, college essay and PhD dissertations.
To conduct an effective research you need to follow these steps:

Find the right supervisor
You should select a supervisor with whom you are comfortable and familiar because it will be easy for you to explain your thoughts with them. Students take a lot of interest in studies if the professor is friendly, same as you should select your supervisor who has the knowledge related to your topic and with whom you are very much cozy.
Identify and Develop your topic
Selection of the topic should be interesting and on which you really want to do research. Your topic will determine your project. Try to explore your inner self, it will really help you to find a very interesting topic on which you can easily write about it and try to find more facts about it.

Review the literature
The real purpose of conducting research is to find the new facts and fill in the gaps of your knowledge regarding the particular topic or subject. If the research is already done on that topic, try to explore new amendments and solutions about it. Your literature review should contain research question, search of courses, critical reading, analysis and synthesis.
Organize your work plan
As the process of preparing and planning is done, now it’s time to organize your research. Work plan includes the opening, body and conclusion of the research. In opening you should indicate your subject, then develop your point of view and summarize your main points.

Collect information and carryout the research
As you have the collection of information now, evaluate your findings and decide what conclusions can be drawn from and conduct your research. This step needs the greatest attention to generate a good data.

Interpret your Result
Once you have generated data, it’s time to analyze it and interpret the result.
Report the Research Findings
As you have completed your research, it’s time to share your knowledge with others.

These are steps to conduct an effective research and it will help you in making your research paper.

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